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Best Bitcoin Casino

Today, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies no longer spare any industry. This revolution has also affected the world of entertainment. Thus, more and more online casinos accept to get paid in different crypto currencies.

Indeed, the acceptance of cryptocurrencies by online casinos allows the online gaming sector to create more enthusiasm among players. Thanks to these Bitcoin casinos accessible on the internet, the online betting games sector is now on the rise. In addition, these online casinos bring to the sector a novelty that facilitates and reassures punters who wish to bet in peace.

Do you have cryptocurrency to use in a Bitcoin casino? If so, let us guide you through this universe.

We are experts in the field and our goal is to support you in the quest for the best casino offering Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. We will reveal to you the various secrets linked to this revolution.

Crypto casino

Although this expression is not new to some people, especially those who have already had experience in the field, some explanation is necessary for newbies. In fact, even older people may need more information given the complexity of this expression. Note that traditional online casinos operate in the same way as Bitcoin casinos referred to as 2.0 online gambling establishments.

For that, you will be able to register there, to reload your account and to embark on an excellent gaming experience. We find on these platforms the same entertainment games that are also offered on ordinary platforms. If you have to go to a crypto casino, you will definitely have a hard time finding yourself unless you have experience with a regular online casino.

Why choose a crypto casino?

Although there is no real difference between Bitcoin casinos and classic online casinos, it should nevertheless be noted that they have certain peculiarities. Indeed, the number of players present at Bitcoin casinos continues to increase. This is justified by the fact that players enjoy some much sought-after benefits.

Bitcoin Casino: a quick registration 

To create your account at a Bitcoin casino, you will only have to make a few clicks. Time-consuming identification processes are no longer necessary at these sites, allowing you to start your game without further delay. In general, you will only have to enter your username, your email address, your date of birth (to confirm your age) and your password.

Bitcoin Casino: a secure platform

Bitcoin casinos work with the latest generation technologies in several areas, including security. Not only do Bitcoin casinos use the same encryption system as regular online casinos, but they also give their players the option to use two-factor authentication protocols in order to further protect their account. Google Authenticator is the tool frequently used, because it is very effective and allows to obtain passwords usable by a single person and whose validation is done in two phases.

Anonymous casino crypto

Like you, many people don't want their bank or other people to know that they are playing betting games online. For this, the Bitcoin casino is the only way for you to play on the internet without being spotted. First, you have the possibility to discreetly choose a username, then there is no system to link the addresses receiving the winnings and the identities of their owners. You can therefore make your transactions without leaving the slightest trace.

Immediate withdrawals and deposits!

This is a very crucial advantage that may even make Bitcoin casino the first online gaming establishment ahead of ordinary online casinos in the next ten years, especially if the latter offer nothing to compete with them. Crypto casinos are more diligent than traditional casinos, regardless of the type of operation (withdrawal or deposit). In addition, with cryptocurrency, the maximum amount allowed during transactions is higher than what is tolerated in a classic casino. This is great news for punters.

Reliable and secure online casino 

Online gaming platforms are often accused of "dishonest" in the results by players, even if the latter have proof that the platform is accredited. But, be quiet! A technology comes to dispel all doubts: Provably Fair. Indeed, it is an algorithm created on the basis of the blockchain. Its complexity is so much that even casino operators cannot imagine or rig the results. So you can rest assured that you are playing a truly fair game. In addition, all players at a Bitcoin casino can verify that the game they are playing, regardless of the type, is fair. The biggest online casinos like Gamdom use the Provably Fair tool.

Bonus Bitcoin

It is not just ordinary online casinos that are true gaming and entertainment establishments, Bitcoin casinos are also a great place to play. In addition to the VIP program, they offer you promotions, bonuses and many things that will make you live unique experiences.

No deposit bonus

Betfury, one of the innovative crypto casinos offers you a no deposit bonus to withdraw every 20 minutes! To benefit from this bonus, you just have to create a free account in a few clicks here.

Bet on eSports

Nowadays, entertainment is an area that is gaining more and more ground in our society. Esport is one of the instigators of this revolution. It is a discipline relating to electronic sports and which brings together several attractive video games. Esports has created a community of gamers made up of millions of so-called “gamers” around the world.

Esports players have nothing to envy football players or any other sport. With the amount of money they earn, they make a living from their passion. They can also make all their dreams come true, even the wildest ones. The notoriety of e-Sport has not been achieved without the various social networks and media. Today, thanks to them, there are a multitude of competitions in this discipline.

Like non-virtual sports, eSports also has an industry, as it is made up of multiple leagues in which multiple teams are supported by sponsors. If you don't know yet, these are tournaments that generate millions.

Note, in 2015, at the end of the tournament called "The International", a jackpot of $ 18 or € 429 was awarded to the winner. This constitutes an exceptional record in the history of the sport. The winning team of the said competition pocketed a large sum of $ 630 (or $ 15 for each player).

In view of all this, we can say that the activity of the gamer is a profitable activity. But before you get there, you absolutely need to know how to handle the levers correctly. However, whether you are very talented or not, you can still make a lot of money playing through this discipline. It may sound incredible, yet it is true. In fact, all you need to do is make your bets and eSports will make you rich people.

The clashes in which you can participate are multiple. You will certainly succeed in winning a substantial sum by participating in one of them. Even if you are new to esports betting games, know that you don't have to worry. Here is a guide that can help you gradually master the subject and place bets on eSport.

How to bet on eSports?

On the biggest platforms where players make eSports bets, there are games that have become flagship games. You can find there: FIFA, NBA 2K, FORTNITE, DOTA2, LOL (League Of Legends) or CS: GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive).

On the list of the best esports games, other games have been added in recent years. This is due to their exceptional graphics and gameplay. These are: Starcraft BroodWar, Starcraft, Heroes of the Storm, Valorant, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Warcraft and Rain bow Six.

If there is anything very important to know about esports betting, it is that several real people make different kinds of predictions about matches. So you understand that these disciplines have nothing to compare to eNBA or eFIFA games where the final score is linked to chance.

It is therefore necessary that you know the players who are competing if you are to win your eSport bets. You should also seek to know their history (recorded wins and losses) as well as any other information that you can rely on to properly analyze the game in order to predict the correct score.

To bet on football, the bettor must take into consideration the field on which his team will play the match (is it away or at home?). The same is true for an esports bettor. He must inquire about the victories of the team or his player before making his bet.

Also, note that bets on eSport depend on the game. However, there is a general bet, regardless of the type of entertainment chosen: it is the victory of a team or a player. This is the simplest of bets. The bettor is simply called upon to make his prediction and bet on the victory of a team or a player.

As for fighting games in arenas, such as Starcraft, LOL or DOTA2, you can also bet on the winners of the maps and win big, because the odds are very interesting. Maps are the maps on which the games take place. In addition, operators offer the possibility of making handicap bets and betting on total rounds. This makes esports betting a little more interesting.

In the event that you fail to place your bet on a game before it begins, you should know that it is still okay. You still have the opportunity to catch up. In fact, you also have the option of making your bets live like the live bets being made. But the advantage here is that the odds involved fluctuate. So you can smell the right choice and bet quickly in order to win the maximum amount of money.

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